What vocational skills do LNG station staff need to have

LNG filling stations have been around for a relatively long time, so do you know what professional skills LNG filling station staff need to have?

LNG filling stations

1. It is necessary to master the professional knowledge and skills of gas filling work through study and continuous practice, use gas filling equipment and control system skillfully, deal with various problems in daily operation, and ensure the normal operation of the gas filling station.

2. Monitor and maintain the operating status of the gas-filling equipment to ensure the normal operation of the equipment. Inspect the equipment daily, check the operation of the equipment, such as gas supply pipes, valves, pressure sensors, etc., if there is any abnormal situation and timely repair and maintenance work. At the same time, equipment is regularly overhauled, cleaned, and replaced to ensure equipment performance and operational efficiency.

3. Pay attention to compliance with safety norms and operating procedures. Strictly follow the relevant operating specifications, such as fire and explosion-proof operation procedures, equipment operation manuals, etc., to ensure that no safety accidents occur during the work process. And actively participate in safety training and exercises to improve the ability to respond to emergencies and ensure the safe operation of the refueling station.

LNG refueling stations

4. Organize daily data records and report summaries. At the end of each day’s work, record the operation data of the filling station, such as gas, pressure, temperature, etc., and report it to the relevant departments in time for data analysis and operational decisions.

5. Actively participate in operational meetings, communicate, and collaborate to improve the operational efficiency of the filling station.

Liquefied natural gas is a dangerous chemical. You should be trained in relevant professional knowledge and obtain a certificate before you can work at a filling station. There are more things to learn. As long as the operation process is strictly followed and the emergency plans are well-backed, the work of the filling station should be safe.

I believe that according to the above introduction, you also have a certain understanding of the staff of LNG refueling stations.

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