What’s the integrated energy filling station?

With the structural changes in energy and new energy, Upgrading of clean energy technologies, Refueling stations with a single energy type are increasingly unable to meet the diverse needs of customers, At the same time, in the adjustment of the national energy structure, Under pressure to reduce carbon emissions, integrated energy filling station came into being.

Integrated energy filling stations include various types, For example, a gas station, Gas and charging station, “Oil, electricity and hydrogen” integrated station, etc. Integrated energy stations are the key to alleviating the pressure on various energy supplies in the future. Optimize urban service environment, An effective solution to improve land utilization and reduce construction costs.

Compared with traditional single energy filling stations, integrated energy filling stations mainly have the following advantages:

1. Improve clean energy utilization, and reduce environmental pollution.

Integrated energy stations can provide refueling services for a variety of clean energy sources, Promote the popularity of new energy vehicles, Promote the upgrading of the new energy industry, Reduce environmental pollution from fossil fuel use, Help the energy supply gradually clean and green, So as to achieve sustainable development and low-carbon development.

Integrated energy-filling hydrogenation station

2. All-in-one comprehensive services that comply with industry development trends.

Integrated energy filling stations can serve more customer groups, Meet more diverse energy refueling needs, Occupy trend opportunities in increasingly fierce industry competition, and Create core advantages. Especially now that an increasing proportion of customers own vehicles of multiple energy types, Comprehensive energy filling stations can give full play to their inherent advantages, One-stop service brings excellent filling and service efficiency.

3. Promote the construction of smart filling scenarios and promote industry upgrading.

Multiple energy refills and more customer types mean that integrated energy filling stations face greater services, Management, and other operational pressures, It is also an excellent scenario for smart replenishment deployment. By introducing intelligent filling management, On-site management, employee management, customer management, Marketing Management, etc. Can greatly improve the operational efficiency of integrated energy filling stations, So as to deepen the application and popularization of smart filling scene construction in the field of transportation energy filling.

Bluesky integrated energy filling stations

Integrated energy filling stations have become the choice of more and more new sites, At the same time, many traditional sites are also undergoing comprehensive filling transformation and upgrading. While meeting the requirements of multiple energy sources, For example, car washing, maintenance, and non-oil businesses are also booming in integrated energy filling stations.

In the future, there will surely be new business formats that are more in line with the development of the times.

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