Where is the oil stored at the gas station?

Where is the oil stored at the gas station

We have been used to the life of the car, when the car is out of gas we very consciously drive to the gas station to fill up.

As long as you drive the car to the tanker, listen to the rumbling machine sound, and look at the rolling numbers,

a moment later the originally empty tank will be filled, and you will not see the oil. But I believe that many friends have had doubts,

and do not know where is the oil stored at the gas station, let’s talk to you about where the gasoline is storage at the major gas stations, and where dry goods are picked up!

The oil of the gas station is generally stored in the oil tank buried underground, connected with the refueling machine through the oil pipeline,

the oil located in the oil tank through the oil pump through the oil pipeline one refueling machine one refueling machine hose one refueling gun into the car tank.

underground tank

The underground tank is very safe, the temperature change is small, it is not easy to oxidize,

and the influence on the change of oil quality is small. The underground tank is connected to the tanker by a pipeline.

The irrigation area of the city gas station is under the refueling island to save space. Suburban gas stations have separate irrigation areas.

Gas station location 3360 gas station oil tanks are generally about 6m underground.

The location is determined by the specific conditions of the gas station, generally under the gas station, to facilitate the refueling machine.

The size of the gas station is divided into three levels. The total capacity of the first stage is within 100 to 300 cubic meters, and the capacity of a single tank is not more than 50 cubic meters;

The total volume of the second class is between 16 to 100 cubic meters, and the volume of a single tank does not exceed 50 cubic meters; The total volume of the third class is more than 15 cubic meters,

and the volume of a single tank is not more than 15 cubic meters.

In addition to the problem of oil storage, the storage tank is buried underground for a long time,

and the corrosion problem of the oil tank is also a key point due to the moisture problem of the land environment. So these tanks will be added to the multi-layer anti-corrosion facilities,

basically insulated from the surface temperature. Most of today’s oil storage tanks are double-layered,

filled with salt water between layers, and sensors detect leaks in the tank’s inner and outer layers by detecting the pressure level of the salt water.

The application of these technologies has greatly improved the safety of gas stations.

For gas stations, safety is always the top priority, so the quality of the storage tank must be excellent, so as to have safety protection.

Secondly, the size of the oil storage tank should also be moderate,

which should match the operation of the oil station, and should not be too large or too small.

If the amount of oil stored is too small, it will limit the flow of passengers, and even appear an oolong of insufficient oil reserves.

If the amount of oil stored is too large, it may lead to excess oil, resulting in too long oil storage time, so that the quality of the oil is poor, so that the customer experience is poor.

Therefore, when preparing an oil station, the accurate and reasonable laying of oil storage tanks will make the subsequent operation twice the result with half the effort.

oil storage tanks

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