Why do gas stations need to wear anti-static clothing?

Gas station anti-static work clothes

People who often go to gas stations to refuel may notice that the clothes worn by gas station workers are made of different materials than ordinary clothes. They are wearing anti-static clothing. The fabric of this kind of work clothes uses special technology and has an anti-static function.

1. What is static electricity?

Static electricity is a common physical phenomenon that may be generated when people move put on or take off clothes. Wearing clothes made of different materials will produce different levels of static electricity. According to measurements, the friction between pure cotton clothes generates almost no static electricity. However, when people put on and take off inner and outer clothing of chemical fiber fabrics or woolen fabrics, the static electricity generated is relatively high, up to several hundred volts or even thousands of volts.

Gas station anti-static clothing

2. Why do gas station employees have to wear anti-static clothing?

Gas stations are high-risk places. A small spark of static electricity may cause a fire or explosion. There is endless news about fires and explosions caused by static electricity. Especially for the dry climate in the north, the putting on and taking off of ordinary clothes or friction and contact between people may produce static electricity, and even static electricity sparks visible to the naked eye. Such sparks may not have a big impact in ordinary places. But it is a very big safety hazard for gas stations.

To avoid safety accidents, gas station operators must wear anti-static clothing. They are not allowed to wear chemical fiber clothing, and they are not allowed to put on, take off, or pat chemical fiber clothing on-site at the gas station. Once upon a time, a driver shook his sweater while refueling and flames instantly burst out of the fuel nozzle.

Therefore, gas station employees must abide by safety regulations and wear high-quality anti-static work clothes during working hours, which is crucial to ensuring the safety of gas stations. Protect yourself and public places to avoid tragedies.

Anti-static work clothes

3. How to choose anti-static clothing?

You must choose anti-static clothing with a production license, ISO9001 quality management system certification, product patent certificate, special labor protection equipment production qualification (LA), and other qualifications. It has A-level and B-level third-party product testing reports, making the product quality more reassuring.

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