Why do you want to the appearance design of the fuel dispenser?

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Fuel dispenser appearance design plays an important role in gas stations. As opposed to hard and soft power like internal structure/product concept design,

exterior design is more like icing on the cake. However, a bad appearance design will also cause the first two achievements to be wasted.

A good product appearance can attract customers’ attention and improve their experience. To make our products loved by the majority of consumers, our product appearance must have bright spots.

Many times, when we do the image design of the whole station, we only use the common fuel dispenser to indicate,

and will not consider too much of the impact of the form of the fuel dispenser on the whole station.

This is rarely considered, partly because customers pay more attention to quality, configuration,

and price factors in the choice of fuel dispenser. As for which machine will be chosen in the later period,

few are determined early…… And in some stations, the use of different fuel dispensers will still have no small impact.

Choosing a tanker that matches the design of the whole station will also enhance a lot of temperament the oil station.

fuel dispenser appearance design1

The appearance design is to carry out a certain design and processing of the shell,

so that the mechanical products have an attractive appearance, and not only that, good appearance design,

often takes into account the mechanical appearance at the same time, but also considers environmental protection,

consumption reduction, so the mechanical appearance design is good, it has the role of reducing consumption and reducing costs.

If the design of the tanker is not good, then the size of the parts may be inappropriate when the external and internal structures are connected,

which will increase the consumption of materials and time costs, so rationality must be paid attention to.

fuel dispenser appearance design2

The fuel dispenser appearance design will also be developed into a variety of forms according to different needs.

There are small on-board fuel dispensers, there are skid-mounted fuel dispensers, and so on.

It is a more common fuel dispenser in gas stations, and different fuel dispensers will be formed according to the number of guns and oil products.

It will also be equipped with display screens and LED screens as required.

Of course, the tanker in each place will be different in appearance, with the development of a variety of different models.

Also on the machine, the icing on the cake designs a variety of patterns to attract attention and play their brand.

You can advertise on it, you can decorate it. Includes stickers designed on the tanker, some are prompt labels, some are to classify the tanker. Appearance design is a product of both aesthetics and practicality.

The fuel dispenser is not only to achieve the function of refueling, the demand for marketing of gas stations is increasing. As the closest fuel dispenser to customers, it is natural to shoulder more marketing functions.

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