Why does China vigorously develop new energy-electric vehicles?

new energy electric vehicles

With the continuous development of new energy, the awareness of environmental protection is deeply rooted, and China’s automobile importer in the era of fuel vehicles.

But China is now a big exporter in the era of electric cars. China is short of oil, but there is still some accumulation in photovoltaic, UHV, hydropower, wind power, and other fields.

This would reduce dependence on imported oil and gas to some extent. China has the most power patents in the world, and China has the best power equipment and power scientists in the world.

The introduction of Tesla in China has driven the leapfrog development of China’s entire electric vehicle industry,

steadily cultivated photovoltaic wind power enterprises to become stronger and bigger, comprehensively used new energy and thermal power,

hydropower, and nuclear power to optimize energy development, get rid of external dependence on traditional energy, reduce comprehensive energy costs,

build a beautiful China, and further export electric vehicles and new energy manufacturing products. To improve social patterns globally, especially in coastal desert areas.

China has been continuously striving to turn over various advanced industries, unswervingly. In any emerging industry, China will unswervingly for its domestic setup.

new energy vehicles

In terms of energy endowments: more electricity, less oil.

But most fundamentally, electricity has a high energy conversion rate. The whole human modern energy application is along the steam engine – internal combustion engine – and electric motor development, pure electricity is the fundamental direction of development. Only in the past, in the automotive field, because some technologies such as battery technology are not up to standard, this energy development direction has not been realized, and when the technology gradually breaks through, pure trams have been fundamentally mature. With the blessing of various factors, under the advantageous conditions of China’s infrastructure equipment, it is the most capable of developing new energy-electric vehicles.

Environmental protection: reduce pollution

Environmental protection is also a reason, after all, centralized treatment is better than directly discharged into the city streets, at least the streets will not be everywhere exhaust fumes.

Tramway perspective

The tram vision is also fully automated driving, and electric cars will certainly cost much less than gasoline cars.

It was The Times that chose the pure tram instead of China choosing the pure tram.

China’s new energy vehicles have taken a place in the world, and Germany’s largest leasing company has bought 100,000 BYD new energy vehicles to put into the European market.

Before 2010, the new energy-patented technology was basically in Germany and Japan, with the rise of Chinese manufacturing in 2014, China has become the world’s largest source of new energy technology, and new energy core battery plates, and Chinese manufacturers have already done the world’s first. And continue to make breakthroughs in technology.

New energy manufacturing is a great progress made in China. Another thing to be proud of after high-speed rail.

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