Why Does The Fuel Dispenser Cause A Fire?

Why does the fuel dispenser cause a fire?

From time to time we see in the news: a careless customer hurrying away after filling up the fuel without pulling out the fuel nozzle,

and in some cases pulling the dispenser over, causing a fuel leak, causing damage, causing a fire, and personal danger.

Driving away from the gas station without pulling the fuel nozzle like this can easily cause danger. In addition to causing damage to the fuel dispenser and fuel leakage,

if there are people around the fuel dispenser, it may cause even greater danger!

Gas station fire

So is there a way to avoid danger?

The answer is yes. First of all, the driver must not be careless. Before leaving, he must confirm his safety.

The gas station staff must monitor the situation at all times to prevent accidents. In addition, there is a way to avoid greater danger when accidents happen.

let’s look at a picture:

fuel nozzle is not equipped with a pull off valve

Pay attention to the red circle part, the fuel pipe is disconnected from the tanker,

and there is no greater danger. The silver part is not broken by a huge external force. In this case, breaking it is its innate mission.

So what is this silver part?

This part is the break-away valve




Oil pipe emergency

The break-away valve is a safety protection component specially designed based on the characteristics of the tanker’s use environment.

Its purpose is to effectively protect the tanker from being pulled down when it is stretched by the force of the oil gun end. The possibility of accidents.

When subjected to a maximum pulling force of 310-350 pounds,

the break-away valve will separate and the valve will automatically disengage.

After disconnection, the valves at both ends are automatically closed,

so there is no need to worry about oil spraying out after disconnection.

The break-away valve can effectively protect the refueling equipment and personal safety! It is an essential safety device for equipment such as fuel dispensers.

Among them, the break-away valve installed on the oil hose pipeline is called the hose break-away valve,

and the break-away valve directly installed at the mouth of the oil gun or the oil gun is called the oil gun break-away valve, which is directly installed on the oil gun.

The break-away valve on the fixed hydraulic system is called the pump break-away valve.

How to choose a fuel dispenser?

When choosing a fuel dispenser, be sure to choose a fuel dispenser equipped with a break-away valve to ensure that the components can fall off in time and effectively close the hydraulic pipeline oil when the tension is exceeded.

Don’t choose non-warranty products that do not meet the standard because of the cheap price, otherwise,

once a safety accident occurs, it will lead to the possibility of a major accident, and it will be difficult to make up for the loss.

Therefore, choose the fuel dispenser with a Break-Away Valve to prevent the fuel dispenser Cauer a fire. It is one of the security factors to ensure safety factors.

If your gas station needs it, please contact us. Wenzhou BLUESKY Energy wholeheartedly provides you with professional tanker installation and maintenance,

inspection and maintenance services, and provides safe and reliable quality accessories to escort the safe operation of your gas station!


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