Why Gas Station Tank Cleaning?

Gas station tank cleaning has always been a key task in gas station quality management, equipment and facilities management, and engineering management.

In some cases, serious accidents can occur if the underground tanks are not cleaned in time. Let’s read this article carefully.

underground tank of the gas station

1. The gas station carries out the transformation of the oil tank and its connected accessories.

Oil products are flammable, explosive, and flowing.

If the oil tank is not cleaned, the oil storage tank and its connected accessories are transformed, such as the anti-seepage transformation of the oil tank, the adjustment of the oil and gas recovery process, the storage and transportation process, etc., there is a high risk of fire or explosion.

To carry out special operations such as fire and electricity, the construction party must ensure that the oil and gas concentration within the scope of the construction party’s operation is within the safe range and that the safety risk is the lowest in the operation process.

Therefore, in addition to the oil products in the oil tank, the oil tank must be cleaned to reduce further the concentration of oil and gas in the oil tank and ensure the safety of construction.

2. Routine maintenance of the equipment requires access to confined spaces.

Gas station tank

After the oil tank is used for a period, it is necessary to regularly inspect and repair the integrity and anti-corrosion of it or its accessories.

When the oil tank is deformed and the displacement is tilted, the tank volume needs to be re-calibrated, and to ensure that personnel and related equipment can enter the tank operation, the tank needs to be cleared to meet the requirements of inspection and maintenance, verification and other operations.

This is especially important for gas stations that use double-walled tanks.

3. The impurities in the oil tank affect the quality of the oil and need to be removed.

When the quality spot check finds that the content of moisture and mechanical impurities in the oil is unqualified, or by reducing the refueling speed and increasing the frequency of replacing the water removal filter element, the staff will find that the water, oil sludge, iron slag and other impurities in the oil tank block the filter device.

This shows that the impurities in the oil tank have a great impact.

At this time, the bottom and inner walls of the oil tank must be thoroughly cleaned to ensure the quality of the oil sold.

4. The storage medium of the oil tank is changed due to the business needs of the gas station.

Gas stations are generally dedicated to tanks and storage.

However, when the storage medium of the oil tank is changed and adjusted due to upgrading product standards and quality or due to business operations, the oil tank needs to be thoroughly cleaned.

The oil tank needs to be thoroughly cleaned

Especially when diesel and gasoline are converted, and low-grade oil is converted to high-grade oil, to ensure that the quality of the oil sold meets the product standard quality requirements, it is necessary to eliminate the risk that the original storage medium may contaminate the new storage medium by clearing the tank.

Cleaning underground tanks is a critical step in gas station maintenance, so pay attention to it.

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