Why is it so difficult to install charging piles in China?

Why is it so difficult to install charging piles in China?

In China, the underground parking space for new energy vehicles on the negative first floor of a community is no longer enough,

but the owner wants to install it on the negative second floor, but it cannot be installed. The property does not issue a construction permit. What can we do?

Recently, the area network asked the political platform frequently received public charging pile installations difficult to ask politics,

people wonder: Why is it so easy to buy a car now, but it is so difficult to install charging piles? Small charging pile, connected to the people’s livelihood.

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1. The floor height is too low and the “congenital conditions” of occupied public parking Spaces lead to numerous difficulties in the installation

According to our colleagues at Wenzhou Blue Sky Energy Technology,

not every property owner in their community can install a private NEV charging post. “Only the owners of the third phase of the community can install charging piles,

and the owners of the first and second phases have difficulties in installing charging piles…” “One owner said.

The colleagues of Wenzhou Blue Sky Energy Technology Co., Ltd. learned that the community was divided into three phases,

of which the first and second phases were delivered in 2003, and the third phase was delivered in 2006. Reporters in the first phase of the community,

the second phase of the underground parking garage to see, the height of only 2 meters.

“The community has a total of more than 2000 households, only 846 underground parking spaces,

can not meet the requirements of one car one, and the first and second phase of the underground parking space is limited by the design factors at that time,

the height is relatively low, the charging pile needs to be rebuilt bridge,

the new bridge will encounter passing vehicles is a more worrying problem.” “Said the clerk over there.

Since there are congenital deficiencies in the basement design,
can we add public charging piles in the ground public parking space?

Because the parking Spaces cannot meet the parking needs of the existing owners,

the parking Spaces on the ground are already full.

“There were more than a dozen public parking Spaces next to Building 15,

which is also close to the power distribution house, which is very suitable for converting into public charging Spaces. However, according to the current parking environment of the community, even if modified, it will be occupied by private cars. If you want to charge, you have to ask others to move the car, which is very troublesome.” It is difficult to change the status quo by property alone. The community needs to set up an industry committee to plan the parking order,

transformer expansion construction, and installation of other power supply supporting facilities in the community,

and obtain the consent of all the owners.

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2. Insufficient capacity and no one to take the lead in “independent governance” makes it difficult to develop a private climate

Compared with various “congenital deficiencies”, we found that more problems encountered in installing new energy vehicle charging piles were the lack of joint efforts of the owners of the community, and it was difficult to form a climate of “independent governance”.

A man surnamed Ye was planning to buy a new energy car recently, but he was troubled by the difficulty of installing charging piles.

He told reporters that at present, the underground parking lot of the community is a charging pile,

but already insufficient, he wondered whether it could be added to the underground parking lot of the second-floor charging pile.

However, the housing development company has been slow to rectify the charging lines of the underground second-floor parking lot,

resulting in some owners with electric vehicles only looking for charging piles outside the community.

Looking for charging piles outside is not only time-consuming but also inconvenient when there are many cars. I think more and more people will buy new energy vehicles in the future. I don’t understand why the community can’t set up charging piles on the negative second floor.” Mr. Ye said.

The responses from the property owners of the community and the housing and construction departments of the district are almost identical:

At present, a few owners of the community have installed new energy vehicle charging piles, but if more owners want to install them, the capacitance of the community is insufficient, and the power department is required to reinstall the supporting power lines.

Because the property right of the basement belongs to all the owners, the power department installation of power supply supporting facilities needs to be agreed upon by the property and industry committee of the community, the joint power department to determine the charging pile public access point, and then the property and industry committee of the community in the community to all the owners after the public no opinion, the power department can lay the charging pile cable and install the adapter box work.

After the site meets the installation conditions, the owner can submit the application for the installation of charging piles to the power department again, and the staff can investigate the site and complete the installation of charging piles.

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3. Rental parking space can not be installed + security risks and these “pile” problems need to be solved

The property right of some parking Spaces in the community is not private but rented by the owner, so the owner cannot obtain the construction permit of the property to install charging piles in the parking space.

For some properties to pay three or more years of parking rental in advance, most owners said they could not accept; Some property management companies are concerned about the potential security risks caused by installing private charging piles. The bridge needs to be built when installing charging piles. Whether the line built by the installation unit privately requested by the owners of the community have a security guarantee? The additional charging piles are exclusively owned by the owner of the application, but the property should bear the potential security risks, which also makes some property companies reject the application of additional charging piles.

“Green plate” of new energy vehicles are speeding into our city thousands of households. The number of new energy vehicles in a Chinese city exceeded 170,000 by the end of 2022, according to the city’s vehicle administration. However, unlike the growing number of electric vehicles, the installation of electric vehicle charging piles in some residential communities is frequently blocked. According to statistics from a municipal online platform, as of May 15, the platform had received more than 50 complaints about the difficulty of settling electric vehicle charging piles this year. There is no good plan for the difficult installation of charging piles.

New energy vehicle charging pile market guidance needs a comprehensive and systematic project, is the process of infrastructure construction, and the development of the industry in the future needs the guidance of national standards and policies. So, how to solve the problems of difficult installation of charging piles in a city community? We will keep watching!

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