Why Seal Wire is Used in Fuel Dispensers?

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The fuel dispensers we produce have undergone special tests, such as the flow meters, and the pulsers, and the main boards are fixed with seal wires.
This article will tell you why we use seal wires.

Flow meter of fuel dispenser
Bluesky flow meter with seal wire

What is the seal wire?

It is a type of wire that is used to secure and seal an object, typically for security or tamper-evident purposes.
It is typically a thin, strong wire made from materials such as stainless steel, copper, or brass.
Commonly used in various industries, including transportation, security, and so on.
The thickness and strength of the wire may vary depending on the level of security required, and it may be color-coded or labeled with identifying information.
In the context of fuel dispensers, it is usually attached to a seal or locking mechanism.
And it must be broken or removed in order to access the protected components of the dispenser.
The seal wire is placed through a small hole or loop on the access panel. And it fastened to a corresponding point on the dispenser body.

fuel dispenser sensor
Bluesky pulsers

What is the function?

A seal wire is used as part of the metering system in a fuel dispenser.
The function is to provide a physical barrier against entering the metering system.
Once the seal wire is in place, it is twisted or crimped to create a secure seal that can only be removed by breaking the wire.
In addition to preventing unauthorized access,  can also be used to detect if the dispenser has been tampered with.
Any tampering with these components could compromise the accuracy of fuel measurements or create safety hazards, such as leaking or fire.
If the wire is broken or missing, it indicates that someone has attempted to gain access to the dispenser, and the dispenser should be inspected and possibly repaired before being put back into service.

Console Board Leading Seal of fuel dispenser
Fuel dispenser main board

What is the relationship between the seal wire and the fuel dispenser?

The seal wire and the fuel dispenser are closely related because the wire is a key component of the dispenser’s security system.
By using, fuel dispenser owners and operators can ensure that the dispenser remains secure.
The presence of the seal wire indicates that the fuel dispenser has not been tampered with since the last inspection or maintenance check.
Fuel dispensers are complex machines that consist of various mechanical and electronic components, including pumps, meters, valves, and sensors.
These components are critical to the accurate measurement and dispensing of fuel, and any tampering or unauthorized access to them could compromise the safety and accuracy of the dispenser.

bluesky diesel dispenser
Bluesky fuel dispenser

If the seal wire is broken, what is the punishment in China?

Breaking a seal wire could vary depending on the specific industry or context.
In China, fuel dispensers are subject to regulations and standards set by the government.
Breaking a seal wire on a product packaging could be considered a violation of the country’s laws and regulations related to food safety, which could carry its own set of penalties.
In addition, regulations and penalties related to fuel dispensers and seal wires may change over time.
In any case, it’s important to follow the laws and regulations related to sealing wires and other security measures to ensure the safety and fairness of various industries and prevent law violations.

How does it be managed?

Need to be managed carefully to ensure the safety, accuracy, and integrity of the dispensing process. Here are some guidelines for managing seal wires in fuel dispensers:
1、Use high-quality wires that are strong, durable, and tamper-evident. The wires should be made of a material that is resistant to corrosion and wear.
2、Should be inspected regularly to ensure they are intact and have not been tampered with.
3、Protecting seal wire should be done as part of routine maintenance procedures and any issues should be promptly addressed.
4、All personnel using a dispenser should be trained on the importance of wires and how to manage them properly. A range of training includes proper installation, inspection, and replacement of sealing lines as needed.


Overall, the use of seal wire in fuel dispensers helps ensure the integrity and accuracy of fuel dispensing operations, which is important for both the fuel retailer and the consumer. If you find a problem, you can raise it with the relevant department.
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Bluesky fuel dispenser

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