Why Should You Choose High Flow Fuel Dispenser?

Do you believe that high flow fuel dispenser can save half the refueling time?

Tell you with data: Generally the flow rate is about 40-45L/min, but the high-flow type can reach about 80-150L/min.

This article will tell you about the high-flow fuel dispenser.

A high-flow fuel dispenser is a type of dispenser that can refuel faster than the ordinary type.

They are designed to handle more fuel and are especially beneficial for busy gas stations and fleet refueling operations where time is of the essence.


What parts do high-flow fuel dispensers change?

High flow fuel dispenser require certain modifications or upgrades to the following parts:

1. Metering System:

It needs larger and more precise flow meters, as well as higher-capacity valves. Metering systems need to be able to accurately measure and dispense fuel at a high flow rate.

2. Hose and fuel Nozzle:

In order to handle the increased flow rate and pressure of the fuel, larger diameter hoses, stronger materials, and specialized nozzles should be used.

fuel dispenser flowmeter
Bluesky fuel dispenser workshop

3. Fuel dispenser pump and Motor:

This type requires larger and more powerful pumps and motors to deliver fuel at a faster rate.

4. Electronics and Control Systems:

The control panel and sensors need to be upgraded. They are capable of handling increased flow rates and providing accurate measurement data.

5. Nozzle swivel and emergency cut-off valve:

Since the pipes of these two accessories are relatively narrow, if you are pursuing a high-flow refueling method, one way is to remove them when designing.

What do high-flow fuel dispensers bring?

High-flow fuel dispensers offer several advantages, including the following.
1. High-flow dispensers can refuel faster than regular dispensers, reducing the time it takes to refuel a vehicle.
This is especially beneficial for busy gas stations and fleet refueling operations, as time is of the essence.

2. High-flow fuel dispensers can handle a higher volume of fuel, which means more vehicles can be serviced in a shorter amount of time.
This helps increase the throughput of a gas station or refueling operation, which improves overall efficiency.

3. Faster refueling and shorter wait times help bosses improve customer satisfaction. It will lead to more business, positive customer reviews, and recommendations.

4. High-flow dispensers are generally more reliable and require less maintenance than regular dispensers.
This aspect, will reduce fuel dispenser downtime and keep operations running smoothly during refueling.

5. By reducing refueling time, increasing throughput, and increasing customer satisfaction, high-flow dispensers can increase the profitability of a gas station or refueling operation for station bosses. Just Imagine, if high-flow dispensers can really save half the refueling time, how much will the profit part of the gas station increase in a day?

6. High-flow fuel dispensers can help to reduce the environmental impact of fueling operations by reducing the amount of time a vehicle is idle at a gas station.
This can lead to lower emissions and improved air quality.

Advantages of  Bluesky brand dispensers

Our company has been manufacturing fuel dispensers for more than 26 years. Now the company is at the top of this area in China.

Bluesky can provide any custom and turnkey project according to different products.

Our products have been exported to more than 90 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa, and South America.

So you don’t have to worry about quality problems, we also have after-sales service, which has been well received by customers.

For high-flow dispensers, we will also test refueling before leaving the factory. This is to ensure that the requirements are met to your satisfaction before shipping to you.


High flow fuel dispenser are very convenient in all aspects.

Whether you want to replace your own dispenser equipment or have plans to build a new gas station, you can contact us.

We will sincerely tell you the most suitable recommendations and prices.

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