Xiaomi su7 reaches new heights

In the new energy vehicle industry, each new energy vehicle manufacturer has launched its special products this year, and the various functions have dazzled electric car enthusiasts. Among them, the one that attracts the most attention is the Xiaomi SU7.


Why does Xiaomi su7 attract so much attention?

The products made by Xiaomi have always been cost-effective and affordable. Secondly, Xiaomi’s high-end technology is also quite powerful. We were very surprised when we heard that Xiaomi was going to build a tram. Can a company that has never made a tram make it possible? Therefore, Xiaomi has been receiving everyone’s attention since it announced that it was going to make a tram. It has also indirectly led to many tram car companies cutting prices on their products and other major events related to the tram industry.

At the beginning of this year, su7 also ushered in its first round of pre-sales, and there were already 100,000 orders in just a few days.

Xiaomi su7 interior

How is the performance of the Xiaomi electric scooter?

Taking the pro version as an example, the motor is a pure electric 299 horsepower, the pure electric cruising range is 830km, and the charging time only takes half an hour to fully charge. The maximum power can reach 220kw, the maximum torque is 400N*m, and the speed can reach 210km/h. Meter acceleration is 5.7 seconds. From the above data, we can see that its performance is still very good, and its price is not high. Watching his highlights:

800v silicon carbide high voltage platform:

Using CTB integrated battery technology, the battery upper cover and the body are integrated into one, making the vehicle’s safety structure more complete, improving the vehicle’s strength, and providing more space for the passenger compartment.

Whole vehicle insulated glass:

Double-layer silver-plated canopy, triple-layer silver-plated front windshield, front and rear side windows with sun protection and heat-insulating coating. The entire vehicle has a glass area of 5.35m2, which provides a clear and bright view and is not afraid of the sun in summer.

Smooth car-machine interaction experience:

Equipped with Qualcomm 8295 car-grade chip and Xiaomi’s ThePaper OS operating system to achieve a “what you see is what you get, intuitive and easy to use” car operation experience. Using a multi-tasking flexible framework, desktop applications can be dragged and resized at will, and automatically adapted to create a personalized desktop. Fonts, icons, and animations are visually unified with Xiaomi phones and tablets, and the control experience is seamless.

Flagship hardware facilities:

Equipped with two NVIDIA DRIVE Orin chips with a comprehensive computing power of up to 508TOPS, the sensing hardware has rare large-scale detection capabilities. It is equipped with flagship hardware such as lidar, high-definition cameras, and millimeter-wave radar, with a maximum detection range of 500 meters.

Intelligent aerodynamics:

Cd 0.195 ultra-low drag coefficient; a golden ratio design is obtained based on 3 times the wheel-to-axle ratio and 2 times the wheel height ratio, and the body proportions are stretched and natural. AGS active grille closed air suspension and automatic electric rear wing automatically adjust according to driving conditions to make it more stable at high speeds.

Generally speaking, Xiaomi Su7 is very successful. The designed car has good performance and features, attracting the attention of many young people.

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